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Lesson Learned: On SQL CAST And ISNULL

Until now, division by zero is a common problem for programmers. This is my problem since I was in college and I really hate it. But today is different. Here’s the situation: The bosses don’t want to see NULL on the output

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Duplicate Songs On Lumia Windows Phone 8 [SOLVED!]

As iOS and Android dominates the mobile operating system market, Microsoft tries to compete through Windows Phone. And the latest version of this is the Windows Phone 8. Because of being the newest in the competition, aside from expecting competitive features, bugs

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Samsung’s Tizen “Lite” – New Smartphone OS

I’ve been reading some technology news when I found that Samsung will be having its own OS for smartphone, Tizen “Lite”. It is said that Tizen “Lite” can run on devices with RAM of as low as 256MB. It is being compared

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Asking For Help For Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Victims

To all of the readers of this blog: my country, Philippines (especially the Visayas region) was devastated by the super typhoon Yolanda. You can see that in every news worldwide. People from those areas need help. I am just hoping that some

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Convert Torrent To Direct Download Link

One of the very useful that our technology ever invented is the use of torrents for downloads. Torrents are very useful specially for downloading large files. But there are times that we want to use direct download links rather than using torrents.

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SQL Mini Training

It’s a late posting. It was supposed to be posted last week. But because there’s something more important happened, I became busy. So, let’s start this. Once again, I became an instructor. But now, it’s for my officemates. Actually, it’s not the

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Improve Your Programming Skills: By Games

Playing different games is a good way of entertaining ourselves for the very most boring time of our daily lives. Everyone would agree with that, I knew. We all have our favorite game as that we play when we’re bored or sleepy.

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